Day 4 – Play Day with Sponsored Students

Our day started early again this morning, as we ate breakfast and spent time together as a team in devotion.  Our primary facilitator, Val, leads our morning group time, walking us through what God says in His Word about justice and mercy toward the vulnerable.  It prepared us for our day in La Concha, volunteering our time at the local health fair, where children and adults come to see Dr. Karla and her team for reduced cost services.  The lines were long and the need was great.  Our medical team performed and assisted with a wide range of medical tasks and procedures.  Some team members drew blood and took specimen samples, while other helped take sonograms and assisted in other women’s health procedures.  A couple members assisted the dental staff with oral health education and tooth extractions.  The rest of our team engaged with the children in song, dance and play.  We have a wonderful team of translators with us all the time who help facilitate communication and relationship with the residents of the community.  However, we’re also learning ways to love and serve without our words.  The Nicaraguans love having us here and are so willing to share their hearts and lives with us.

Tonight, we will be preparing for the weekend ahead, as we bring 60 college students over two days to a college retreat to encourage them to remain committed to their studies, despite the pressures from their families to stay home and care for their parents and siblings.  We will join them in teaching and worship, and cover them in prayer before sending them back to their universities.

We very much appreciate your continued prayer today and over the next several days.  It has been


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