Day 7 – Living Out Justice

We have been learning that biblical justice flows out of a heart of mercy and a heart that truly realizes the grace and mercy that it has received.  Through the parable of The Good Samaritan, we also saw that it has a component of building a relationship and often going out of our normal path, in order to see a person’s whole situation and the impact it has on their physical &/or spiritual healing.  Time after time, we saw Dr. Karla live this out humbly as she would try to understand how her patient’s family situation and almost total lack of resources would impact these special needs childrens’ medical conditions.  Her young patients are the defenseless and the vulnerable that the Bible often talks about in relation to biblical justice.  When there is a need to be met, she can always tell us “the whole history and situation” because of her caring relationship with the families at the clinic.  She cares deeply about the hands that care for these special children and knows they are often the lifeline that God has provided to help with their day to day needs.  The 6 members of our medical team will go back to their jobs or school with “new eyes” for their patients because of the what they have been a part of here.

A number of our team members cleaned the medical clinic and added lots of cheery paint to the dividing walls which make up offices for staff, the pharmacy, entrance, and lobby.  Dr. Karla’s staff seemed so very excited to have things inviting for the kids who come.  The clinic is such an amazing resource…and one that is so rare in Nicaragua.


Half of our team split up and delivered gifts to kids who are sponsored by TPCC people back home.  Gifts were taken to TAV and Rey Solomon schools today.   As the children came individually, team members asked them about their favorite subjects, hobbies, and what careers they were thinking about.  They were told that we were delivering a special gift that their sponsors had sent for them.  The kids were giggly and excited to know they had a special sponsor who thought about them and who was praying for them.  They went away beaming about the gifts and care they had received.  This is such a wonderful way for people to be “on mission” even if they cannot come to Nicaragua.

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