Jamaica – 2017 – Here Comes the Rain

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

This morning in Jamaica started with a light mist and turned into a full fledge down pour at breakfast time.  After another yummy breakfast from Pinto this morning, I led the devotion for our group. We were treated by worship songs from Brad where he sang “Live for Jesus” and “The Dream”. The lyrics are very powerful and really make you take stake of how you are living your life.  The rain stopped just before we headed out in the morning to finish the house.  We were able to get the roof on, the window louvres installed, finish the trim, hang the doors, and get the stairs installed. Marie’s home is now finished.  We will be doing the house dedication tomorrow in the afternoon. It is great to see the ownership and pride that she takes in her new home.

After finishing the home we headed back to the mission house.  A few of us headed for a short walk to RAISE to check out the animals.  The kids checked out the goat pen and met Mary the donkey, who they had heard a lot about.  Then we headed out to VBS for another great day.  The kids led worship, and had an opportunity to have the Jamaican’s lead a few songs too.  Kathy taught the kids about how Jesus fixed it.  Joe helped the kids decorate the large cross that a local Jamaica made for us.  We were able to play games in the front yard of the church today with the kids.  Parker entertained the kids while playing games with them.

At dinner time our group had the opportunity to serve the staff for CSI and their families.  Chad and Jodi took family photos of the staff as a special gift for them in the back yard of the mission home. After an enjoyable dinner of fellowship, our group did our happy and crappy where we share our highs and lows from the day.  Our group tends to drag these out as there is much laughter and teasing involved throughout these team sessions.

We are looking forward to a great day tomorrow where we will have breakfast, a team devotion lead by Madison, local elementary school devotion, a trip to the local beach to take in the scenery before we head to the house dedication and our final day of VBS.

In Christ,

Kristi Jackson


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