Monterrey June 2017

Amazing.  If there was one word that could describe this trip it would be amazing.  It all began with a team of 17 strangers ranging in ages from 9 to 60 coming together for one purpose…to serve the body of Christ.  More specifically, children who have come from very hard places and the caregivers and staff that serve them day in and day out.

Our first day was a very long day that began around 3:00 a.m. for most of the group.  As we arrived at the airport wearing our TPCC Missions shirts rubbing the sleep from our eyes, the excitement started to build.  The luggage was checked and everyone made it through security successfully and the plane was boarded safely.  First to Chicago and then it was on to Monterrey.

As the wheels touched the ground, smiles began to emerge and excitement and anticipation was all over the faces of our group.  We were greeted in the airport by two Back2Back staff who escorted us to the bus that would take us to the Monterrey campus of B2B.  The bus ride was about an hour-long and very bumpy but that soon faded from our minds as the beautiful Sierra Madre mountains came into view.  Wow!  What an amazing display of God’s splendor and majesty.

As our bus rolled into the Back2Back campus we were greeted by cheers from the staff and interns.  What an amazing welcome!  The rest of our day was relaxing and informative as we toured the campus and enjoyed an orientation of what we were going to experience for the next week.

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