Pushed to New Places

This trip was truly life changing in so many ways for me. My prayer from the beginning was that God would push me out of my comfort zone, although I didn’t really know how that would happen. I’m a teacher who was going to work at an orphanage, so everything seemed right up my alley. Throughout the week, I was given opportunities to do two major things which I never in a million years would have thought I’d volunteer for. The first was climbing up onto a roof to apply thick layers of Thermotek to keep water from leaking into the house. The second was to build a wall on the entrance of the orphanage. I gained a new respect for cement trucks that mix cement for you, but we did it by hand with shovels two days in a row. God definitely gave me so many little situations throughout the week that pushed me to new places in my faith as well, and I’m so extremely grateful.

Overall, the most encouraging parts of this trip were the relationships built and amazing teamwork that came with that. I have never met a group of people who come together from all different places in life, but mesh like family. During the most intense projects, our team worked so well together taking over when others needed a moment to grab water or just rest. I can’t accurately express how amazing the teamwork was. I truly believe this was possible because of everyone’s openness to forming new relationships and growing together as a group. God brought us together for a reason, and I really feel that we were able to make a huge impact during such a short time spent in Mexico. I cant wait to go back and work with Back2back again!

~ Brianna Baker

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