Kenya – June 2017

Day One, June 24th , 2017

God blessed our June 2017 Kenya team to arrive safely Saturday night. We are a team of six. Left to right: Sharon, Dean, Eric, Jeanine, Rachel and Morgan. Sunday morning we attended worship service at Hope Outreach Church-Bondeni. Pastor Tim brought the message from Philippians 2:5-6 entitled Pride and Humility. After service we had lunch at YaYa Center and shopped for souvenirs at the Maasai Market. We enjoyed a much needed kulala followed by Chai time. We had an amazing Kenya dinner consisting of supu, mchele, goat beef, nyama, mbonga, and cake ya matunda. At dinner we met another mission team of six from East 91st Street Church, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Day two (posted morning of day three.)

Today we started with orientation at Missions of Hope building in Pangoni. The programs director, Raphael told the history of MOHi as well as the amazing progress they have made over the last 15 years.

After Chai time we split into two groups and toured this area of the Valley. Stopping for several home visits and praying over the families. Because it was a holiday many of the men were not working so we were able to visit the complete family. The children all swarmed us wanting their picture taken and would follow along for several minutes holding our hands and posing for pictures. Like kids everywhere, they love being the center of attention.

Upon returning from the walkabout we visited the HOPE Gift Shop. It has items for sale made by the people they have trained in tailoring, beading, and other crafts. The money then goes directly to the person that made the item. We did manage to help the Mathaire economy.

We visited the new Kariobangi Training Center and had a tour of the many classrooms they are developing for skills like welding, sewing, hair and beauty, and a computer lab.

We finished the day with a wonderful Ken-Mex (Mexican) dinner with Mary and Wallace Kamaus, the founders of Missions of Hope.

We arrived back at the hotel and everyone immediately went to sleep. A very long day and we still have a lot to process and share.

Day three:

The day began in the Bondeni Community at the school TPCC supports. Today’s focus was evangelism and insect home fumigation.

We visited a total of ten homes. SEVEN PERSONS ACCEPTED JESUS CHRIST AS THEIR SAVIOR AND LORD!  After lunch we met with sponsored children for fellowship.

Day four:

Today, we where again in the Bondeni Community.

The day started with several more home-visits throughout the village to share the love of Jesus and fumigate for insects.

Between our lunch break and going out to do additional home-visits we met with sponsored children to share the love from their sponsor and from our team.

Day five:

Today we were blessed to be able to go into many of the classrooms at Bondeni School. The students so graciously shared songs, dances, and things they’re learning with us. One of our favorite moments was listening to them recite bible verses from heart. We know these teachers are guiding the students to the light of Jesus. Even the little one knew stories from the bible and that Jesus loves them dearly. We loved every minute of our morning with them, and felt the time went so fast.

The students left early so that we could present the teachers with some appreciation gifts. At lunchtime, we were able to serve the entire staff with delicious food from Gracehouse. They filled their plates and enjoyed time with one another.

We then presented each member of the staff at Bondeni with a rose and a thank you card. In the card, we gifted them with minutes for their cellphones. They loved it! We felt blessed to see their smiling faces. After a long day filled with love, we hugged and left one another. We are excited for our last day at Bondeni School tomorrow with the students and staff!!! God is good.

Day six:

Today we said goodbye to Bondeni. We started the day with chai and finished visiting grades 3 and grades 5,6,7 and 8. We were able to get the entire school gathered for a photo in front of the new building. After the photo, chairs were set up and the “farewell” program was started.

All grades presented us with a gift of song, some were western contemporary worship songs which we recognized and could sing along. The Principal and Center Coordinator both spoke and expressed their gratitude to the team for their sacrifice in traveling so far to serve and thanked Traders Point for their support and helping to build the new school building which has enabled all Bondeni students to be in one central location.

Before leaving Mathare Valley, we made a stop at Pangani Center to visit two sponsored children (these were the last two kids we needed to meet with in Mathare). The social worker brought these two little girls to his office to meet with me and receive packages from their sponsors at Traders Point. I noticed that one package was packed with significantly more gifts (as I learned this was only an issue for me as the person presenting their sponsors gifts). As both children opened their gifts, the child that had a larger number of gifts pulled two large packages of socks from her gift bag. Her eyes and smile lit up the room and she said, “this is so wonderful, but too many socks for me.” She asked me, “can I share a package of socks with my friend?” Her friend happened to be the other girl, who was very content opening her gifts and reading the note from her sponsors. Holding back the tears, I told her of course it was okay to give to her friend, and I am sure her sponsors would be very proud of her for sharing.

In a place like Matare Valley where there are so many needs, it was amazing to see such a selfless act of love and kindness.

2 responses to “Kenya – June 2017

  • Ltc Jay Johnson

    You have my prayers and praise of God’s grace of allowing yourselves to be instrumental in sharing the word.

  • Sheri

    To My Awesome Mom Sharon! Happy Birthday!! We will celebrate when you return! Love Ya

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