July 1 | Day 1

After a long night of flying, the team arrived safely in Poland around 10 am this morning.  We experienced only some minor setbacks: all of our checked luggage was lost, and later Kelly was pooped on by a Polish pigeon, further decreasing her already limited wardrobe options.  Aside from being worn out and not being able to change clothes, today was an encouraging beginning to our nine days in Warsaw, Poland.

We spent the evening exploring Old Town in Warsaw, marveling at the colorful, timeless architecture and digging into the rich history and the cultural roots of a people whom we long to see experience the goodness and grace of Jesus Christ.  We also spent this evening becoming acquainted with the other men and women who work for and serve with Polish Christian Ministries.  We are absolutely thrilled to be coming alongside of a ministry who is doing incredible things in the name of Jesus and to serve with a church plant in a place where the transforming love of our Savior is foreign.

We’re stoked to find out what God has in store for the next week, and we hope you are too.


From left to right: Kelly, Alex, Lauren, & Rachel











Old Town, Warsaw








Ognista Szpada (shish kebab, basically). Our dinner was accompanied by tuba and accordion in pure Polish fashion.

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