July 3 | Day 3

Today was another wonderful day spent in Bemowo, Warsaw.

Alongside the four of us from Traders Point, there are other teams working with PCM and Bemovo this week, so we started our morning off by gathering together alongside the other teams to plan out our next week ahead. Adam, the pastor of Christian Fellowship West, lead out our prep time.

We split up into four different groups, three of which would go to renovate three different families’ flats and another that would go to visit a senior house. Alex and Lauren went with a team of people to one flat, while Rachel and I went to another.

The flat Alex and Lauren went to belonged to a single mom and her son. They renovated by cleaning, prepping for painting, and then began to paint. What was most amazing was the fact that this didn’t feel as if it were something they were doing for this family; they were amazed by how much the mom and son worked alongside them and how much they wanted them for themselves. It was a time of empowering the family instead of just doing a task for them.

Rachel and I spent the day at a flat that belonged to an older gentleman. Our work was really similar to Alex’s and Lauren’s in that we cleaned out things and then began painting. What I enjoyed most of today was bonding alongside the other members of the group I was working with. It was cool to see how even though we all hadn’t known each other previously, we still had a great time working together. And I think that’s because our focus was all the same: we want to impact people with the love of Jesus Christ. When people come together focused and strengthened by that goal and the love of Jesus, unity happens.

Another thing that struck me today was just how incredible language is. Before leaving to go work together, we all spent time praying as one big group. To close the prayer, Adam prayed in Polish. And it was fascinating to me. I had no idea what he was saying, but Jesus did. It’s incredible to me how personal language can be, and I’m amazed by how God created all of the different types and cultures.

Monday was great, and I’m really excited about how God is going to continue to build relationships with these families we are working alongside them and how He is going to use the local church to bring them closer to Him.

Thank you for your prayers!


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