July 4/5 | Day 4/5

These past couple of days in Warsaw have been full, fun, and so very fast!

We began Tuesday morning with a group devotion led by Thomas, a member of West Christian Fellowship. He shared a story of how his grandma taught him how to make his bed. She did so not by telling him how to do it, but by doing it for him…by showing him how. He related the story to the example Jesus set for his followers as he walked this earth. Jesus did not simply tell his followers how to follow him, he showed them. He lived the life he calls his followers to live. Thomas continued to encourage the group by explaining that we, Jesus’s followers, don’t just have to use words to share about Jesus with others (and that we really shouldn’t only use words to share about Jesus), but that we can share so much and even teach others so much about Jesus simply with our actions. We don’t always have to tell about Jesus’s love…we can show Jesus’s love. Thomas’s devotion made such an impression on me and challenged me to truly show Jesus’s love while serving in Bemowa.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Kelly and I continued to work with our team, cleaning and painting the older gentleman’s flat. Tuesday was an exciting day as we got to give him a new bed and see the excitement flood his face when it was settled in his flat.  It was also a special day because we got to pray with him. When we arrived to the flat on Wednesday, he was waiting for us by the door with a smile on his face. (What a great joy it has been to be able to serve him and get to know him these past few days!)

Bemowa Flats

The view from the older gentleman’s flat

Lauren and Alex continued to serve at the family’s flat with their team on Tuesday and Wednesday. They got the opportunity to talk with the family about faith and even invited them to church on Sunday. The family is planning on coming to church this upcoming Sunday, praise God!

Bemowa Flats 2

The view from the family’s flat

We were super encouraged as a team by a story that Pastor Adam recently shared with us. We think it will be an encouragement to you, too! A few weeks ago, Pastor Adam met a man at a picnic (hosted by one of the previous mission teams serving here). After meeting and visiting, they decided to meet up again and chat. The next time they met, which was yesterday, Adam shared the gospel with the man and the man received Jesus Christ! Praise God!

Thank you for your continued support through prayer! As you can see, God is working so powerfully here in Bemowa! Please continue to pray for Jesus’s love to be shown to the people here; for hearts to be stirred up for Jesus; and for the local church to be strengthened in Christ’s love.


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