July 6 | Day 6

This morning, we continued our work in the flats.  We finished up with painting as well as building furniture.  Through conversation, service, and even Kelly playing the piano, walls continue to come down between the Polish residents and our team.  They have been open to prayer and hearing the gospel, and there has been so much laughter.


Americans & Polskis

In the evening, we went to the Warsaw Uprising Museum.  In 1944, while under the reign of Hitler, citizens of Warsaw led a revolt, later referred to as the Warsaw Uprising.  Unfortunately, the revolt was unsuccessful and thousands of lives were lost.  Ultimately, hundreds of thousands of Polish were systematically executed during the war.  85% of Warsaw was destroyed, as Hitler commanded the city to be bombed and burned to the ground when Germany pulled out of Poland.

Immediately after, Russia assumed control over Poland and the Polish faced a communist rule until 1989.  Russia promised help in the Warsaw Uprising, but the help never came.  The tragic effects of a history of oppression linger in this country.  One of the men on staff at the church here, Tomek, on the right in the picture above, lost two great-grandfathers in concentration camps and lost a great uncle in the Warsaw Uprising.


A comic from the museum – Stalin “liberated” the Polish from the Germans

These are a people who desperately need the hope, joy, and love of Christ.  Please continue to pray for Poland, specifically Warsaw, and even more specifically the district called Bemowo (Bemovo).



Bonus picture – me hanging from a pole trying to win 100 zlotys ($25)

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