Chosen for a Purpose

The Mexico mission trip with Back2Back Ministries was definitely one of the most impactful experiences of my life. First of all, I learned that a group of nearly-strangers (17 of us!) can come together and become an authentic and unified team when we all put Christ ahead of ourselves and take on a servant’s heart. Secondly, under the leadership of the superb staff at Back2Back, we received excellent training on how to work more effectively with kids from challenging backgrounds. That was one of the biggest positive surprises for me–the ministry really invests in those who are coming to serve with them, even though we are there for only a few days.

The experience was humbling; it was and is almost overwhelming to think about how God has blessed me with so many privileges when others have so little. This was the most poignant for me when we were doing our prayer walk through the kids’ residences on our last day there.

As I reflect back two weeks after returning from Monterrey, I can see that God used this trip to clearly remind me of my need to trust him to guide my path and my decisions. He has chosen me for a purpose and that is to serve him wholeheartedly.

~ Russ Baker

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