Nicaragua Special Needs Team Day 1

IMG_0058[1]IMG_0095[1]Day 1: July 8, 2017
We made it to Managua safely and met with our entire team together for the first
time! We have 21 team members, including one from Boston, and it’s amazing to see
how we are already bonding and fitting together as a team. It’s always fun to see
how God places the right people on teams to meet the right needs.
After arriving at La Quinta, where we’ll stay for the week, we took a short break and
then went on a tour of Managua. We learned more about the history and the
rebuilding of the city after most of it was destroyed in an earthquake, and we
enjoyed seeing families out and about around town. One of the things that stood out
to us was seeing a huge cathedral that survived two major earthquakes. It stood
strong in the middle of an area that was totally destroyed. How awesome that God’s
house remained through the storm! As we walked around the city, we continued
getting to know one another and just enjoyed being together.
Once we completed our tour, we returned to La Quinta for a delicious dinner, met as
a team on the porch, played teambuilding games, and went for ice cream at the top
of the hill. We spent the evening relaxing and adjusting to our new home for the next
week, laughing together, and preparing for the day tomorrow.
We are so thankful we made it here safely, all of our luggage arrived, and we are all
ready for an exciting week. We know God has amazing things in store for us this
week! As Lisa, one of the team leaders, said in her last team email, we are praying
the Nicaraguans don’t see us, but see God’s great love in and through us. We covet
your prayers as we go throughout this week and thank you for all of your support!

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