Day 3: Food distribution and Painting

We started out our morning today with a great worship session on the porch. Let me tell you, starting the morning by singing worship songs with 20 other people sure makes for a great day!

After breakfast, we headed to Rey Solomon where we divided into teams for the day. Several teams went into the community for food distribution, and the rest of us stayed back and painted classrooms and offices at the school.

During food distribution, we were able to go into the community and meet with a few families in their home. Every family we met with was a special needs family. While we were there, we spent some time getting to know them and praying for them. This time is always when reality sinks in; up until this point, the poverty is well masked by the Nicaraguans through smiling faces, serving hands, and gracious hearts. But when we enter their homes, we are able to grasp the gravity of the situations they are living in. Some homes only have one bed for 5 people to sleep in, and others only have a piece of tin as a roof. We were able to provide the families with a bucket of food and necessities to help alleviate the worry for a short period of time. Through all of this, God was able to show us that He truly provides every single item that we need….all we have to do is trust Him.

Back at the school, we worked all day painting classroom walls and enjoying fellowship with one another, as well as with other community members. A few families even got to see their sponsored children today, even when they weren’t expecting to! God showed up in so many ways throughout the day and it was truly another great day.

Praying with a sponsored child and family.

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