Day 5, Teacher Appreciation and Graduate Vocational Student Celebration

Today was very special, as we got to honor our teachers who work with the Special Needs kids.  In addition, we had quite a few of the graduates from our Vocational Program.  It was great to see the students reunited with  their teachers.

Our celebration took place at a private park named El Salero.  It is absolutely beautiful.   Most of our graduate students would not have been to a park with a full sized grass soccer (Futbol) field.  In addition, it has volleyball, basketball, and a swimming pool.

Our day included ice breaker games like Terremotto (Earthquake) and some fun games that we brought from the U.S.

After lunch, the teachers were presented with  Certificates of achievement for their hard work in working with children with Special Needs.  Our day with the teachers and students ended with a dip in the pool.

As with  every other day, we still  had work to do.  Back to Quinta Primavera to regroup, eat dinner, debrief,  do devotional and start planning on tomorrow’s schedule.

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