One Word


As we prepared for the Las Vegas mission trip, Aaron Hoover began our time together each meeting asking us each “one word” to describe how we were feeling about the trip. Each meeting, the words ranged from “ANXIOUS” to “EXCITED” to “whoah!” We have felt so many different emotions throughout the time we have spent preparing.

As we woke on Monday morning, our hearts were broken. We were so SAD for the city of Las Vegas, for Verve, for the friends and family of the 59 lives lost, and the 500+ others that were injured. However, even in the midst of our sadness, we have seen Jesus. There have been so many stories of love, kindness and heroism… people risking their lives and shielding their loved ones from flying bullets. One gal even sat with a stranger for 4 hours so he didn’t die alone.

Jesus was there in the midst of the darkness. Jesus said “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but have the light of life.” John 8:12

Satan is working hard to mess things up and STRESS out our team members. Jeff, an amazing witness for Jesus learned on the layover before arriving in Vegas that he contracted malaria from a previous mission trip. When we arrived in Las Vegas, he and his wife had to go to the ER to get medicine. The doctors wanted him to stay overnight… and while this wasn’t great news-Jesus is awesome… and Jeff learned that there were 6 victims of the shooting on his floor. He is planning to visit them, pray with them and be a light in their darkness.

We are EXPECTANT, and believe that Jesus is already at work and healing the hearts of Las Vegas. Our hearts are now GRATEFUL that we get to be part of this trip, and HOPEFUL we can help. We want to show Las Vegas the love of Jesus in a big way.

We are EXCITED to come alongside Verve to serve this week.
We are READY! We are STOKED! #wearetpcc


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