It’s Marvelous!

The Verve Family

While in Vegas, we have been able to spend time with a few of Verve families. First, Mark and Jana Kamp. They hosted our team…. and we all can probably say we never been to a dinner like this before! First impression: they told us where the “Batroom” was. Wait… you mean the bathroom? Nope.
You heard me right folks…. the BAT-ROOM! They have a bathroom decorated in all Batman. You know this is going to be fun if there is a Batman bathroom. Only in Vegas right? Marvelous Mark is a former Vegas entertainer (1980’s Show) and they also invited Darren, the Toastmasters world champion, and another friend Tony that dresses way cooler than all of us. They shared their Verve stories, and how this church is changing lives here in Las Vegas. They shared how grateful they were to have a missions team here to support them and spread the love of our Jesus. It was beautiful. It was unique. It was fun. It was intentional. We ended the night with karaoke and Marvelous Mark drumstick party favors. It was Vegas.


It’s a Block Party!

Vince shared with us that Verve had met with dozens of city leaders as they were preparing and planning to launch, and Vince asked one question- what can we do for Las Vegas? Overwhelmingly, he got one answer. Las Vegas needs a sense of community. So that’s just what Verve set out to do. They bought a bounce house, a popcorn machine, a snow cone machine, a cotton candy machine, some face paint, corn hole boards and said “Lets throw some block parties!”

Our missions team was able to help our trip coordinator, Karla and her husband Todd (and 3 pretty amazing cotton candy eating kiddos) throw a block party in her neighborhood. We were so thrilled to be there to help so she and her husband could solely focus on building relationships with their neighbors. We are so happy to report that many new relationships were formed and neighbors that live side-by-side on the same street for 30 years met for the first time. Success! Jesus is awesome.


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