#VegasStrong (round 2)

There are no words for the emotions people are feeling for the victims and their families of this terrible tragedy.  Memorials were popping up in a few different places, but one of the most impactful memorials was when the carpenter from Illinois, Greg Zanis, drove across the country to put out 58 crosses to honor those killed in the shooting.   (He also did this for the Orlando nightclub shooting, Columbine and Sandy Hook school shootings).

As the weekend went on, these crosses were adorned with flowers (almost as tall as the top of the cross itself) candles, signs, messages, photos, and personal mementos to each individual. There was a steady line for hours and hours as people came to pay their respects.

Our team wanted to see the crosses.  We had no idea it would turn into such an emotional evening. You see, all weekend, we had been watching Jeff McClintic (an amazing man of God on the trip with us) just walk right up to people and engage them.  He would talk with them, pray with them, and just love on them….The security officer at Wal-Mart, a gal at McDonalds and her atheist son in the car, 2 people fighting outside a tattoo shop, and a man at one of the memorials… just to name a few. Oh and by the way, he actually got Kim, the lady from McDonalds to attend Verve AND her son was also willing to talk to Jeff.  WHAT?!?!!   Jeff inspired us all.  While at the crosses, several of us had the opportunity to talk and pray with prople. It was truly transformational.  There was a small tent with a group of people signing praise songs.   The entire experience was emotional and moving.  Thank you Jeff for your boldness for Jesus.  Thank you.



Our very own Aaron Hoover  made a sign that said Need a hug? Me too.  At one point he had line waiting for hugs.  People are searching for hope and healing.

He was a great leader for the entire trip and showed so much compassion for those hurting in Las Vegas. Aaron Hoover is the real deal…. following after the Real Deal.


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