Viva la Verve

VERVE means passionate vigor and enthusiasm.  This is the perfect name for this church.  They live it.  They love it.  They well, Verve.  The stories and lives we encountered were transformed by our Almighty God.  Verve is seeking the unchurched and changing lives everyday.

Sunday morning our team got to serve alongside Verve members for all of the services.  We were able to assist the volunteers with coffee, kids ministry, volunteer breakfast, communion, and cleaning the church afterward.  It was such a blessing to serve in this way.

This particular Sunday, Verve began a new series called Vegas Strong which wrestles with the idea of faith and searches for hope in the midst of tragedy.  Vince’s sermon was spot on.  Some questions he thought people might be wrestling with:

  • How can you have faith in a world like this?
  • Where is God?
  • How can we have hope?

The Lord is our refuge and strength, and ever- present help in trouble.  Therefore we will not fear.   Psalm 46: 1-2

We need to trust God.  We need to develop an accurate picture of who He is when we have a clear head.  (John 14: 7-10)   If you get to know Jesus— really know Him— you will know that He is powerful, inspirational, a forgiver, healer, compassionate, and he is so madly in love with us.  And if God is like that, then I can trust him.  And you can trust Him too.  Even in the midst of tough times when things don’t make sense.

Vince and the worship team were so encouraging to the congregation, and our prayer is that many of the first timers will return for the remainder of the series and that their hearts felt something that will make them want to return again and again to pursue Jesus.   Right now it might feel Las Vegas is stuck on “Friday…” but you hang on… because SUNDAY IS COMING!!!

Verve is loving God and loving people… and turning Las Vegas upside down.   #VerveStrong



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