Kenya 2018 – Day 1

Kenya 2018 – Day 1

Its the end of Day 1 in Nairobi (day 3 for our body clocks it was a lot of travel!) and the team is settling in for the evening. Throughout our long travel day and multiple flights, Godshandiwork was apparent as our fearless team leader herded 23 excited folks through multiple airports, three flights, and entrance to Africa. He is faithful!

Its winter here so we woke to cloudy skies, a few raindrops and mild temps. Weather didnt dampen our spirits as we noisily climbed aboard our transport to Outreach Hope Church in the slums of Bondeni. On arrival we were greeted by beautiful, smiling children and gracious hosts dressed in their Sunday best. Children took our hands, introduced themselves and asked our names while we crowded the little church (and our hosts scrambled for more chairs). We were blessed to participate in joyful praise singing in both English and Swahili, followed by a sermon on Micah, chapter 7.

Our fellowship after church included lots of hugs while children asked to take photos with us and photos of us; they immediately connected with the youth of our team, giggling at their funny faces created in Snapchat.

A quick bus trip took us to Grace House where we were treated to a great lunch followed by quick walk to explore Masai Market at YaYa Mall. Everyone had a great time bartering with local merchants and examining beautiful fabrics, paintings, sculptures and local wares.

Our restday over, this evening we began preparation for our mission sorting supplies/donations, which we will take to MOHI tomorrow and the clinic on Tuesday. Jet lagged, were saying good night need to be ready to begin our journey bright and early tomorrow. May His light shine through each of us in the coming days.  Blessings to all.

3 responses to “Kenya 2018 – Day 1

  • Garry Brock

    Great getting to spend some time with this group of folks!

  • Pam Fisher

    Well-said, such a blessing to be able to participate today, and receive so many hi-fives from the children.-Pam

  • Lynda Bridges

    Thank you each and every one for all that you do. Take care of each other, especially my friend Sherry Shipley, who just lost her Mom but continues to serve Him.
    God’s Love and Peace,
    Lynda Bridges

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