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Panama Feb. 2014 – Day 7

Leaving temperatures of upper 80’s and arriving at Houston’s airport we begin to hear of single digit temperature in Indy! We hope our work glorified God. Please consider joining us in February 2015.

Panama Feb. 2014 – Day 6

We said goodbye to our hosts Alan and Debbie and traveled to David to fly to Panama City. We enjoyed a tour of the Panama Canal (celebrating the 100th anniversary), and several other interesting points of interest. We spent the night in Panama City and will begin the trip home tomorrow.

Panama Feb. 2014 – Day 5

We wrapped up the concrete work and painting. A few members rode to the Comarca (Panamanian version of an Indian reservation) to visit the Ngobe people and to see firsthand their harsh living conditions. It was another reminder of how blessed we are. In the afternoon, we headed to downtown Boquete for sightseeing and shopping. Team leader Rick had an unexpected encounter with a scorpion, the bite was like a bee sting, but all was well (non-poisonous)!

Panama Feb. 2014 – Day 4

This was a busy work filled day of painting playground equipment, painting the outside of the class room building, more concrete work, and working on installing a septic system. A few sunburns were noticed! After a delicious supper, we played a mystery game facilitated by our hosts Alan and Debbie. We returned to the dormitory and slept well knowing we are making a difference.

No Snow Here

Five airports and twelve hours later, eighty degrees welcomed us to Boquete Panama!  Our team consists of Rick & Letty Castor, Eric & Ana Carlsgaard, Randy & Mary Ann Tatlock, Kathryn Martinie, Michelle O’Connor, and Teresa Sandifer.  We are so thankful we made our connections and arrived safely!  We had a wonderful meal and fellowship with Alan & Debbie Handt (TPCC’s own missionaries).  Looking forward to what tomorrow brings!

Panama Feb. 2014 – Day 3

Several team members rode the buses up the mountainside to pick up the Guaymi people for church services. After church services, the medical clinic was open for patients. We also helped pass out school supplies. We are being well fed, and our team is building camaraderie!

Panama Feb. 2014 – Day 2

One of our team members became ill and required a stay the the Mae Lewis Hospital in David, Panama. We took turns praying and staying with our friend while they received excellent medical care and recovered. The rest of the team continued to tackle the projects. The Spanish language is a bit of a barrier for several of us!