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Feet Washing

We have been very busy today touching our Haitian brothers and sisters. Our day began with the 1st step in shoes distribution for Samiritan’s Feet. We were able to bring over 170 pairs of athletic shoes to Haiti to distribute and will be shipping an additional 700 pair to distribute before school begins. We prayed together before entering the village to find children to match our shoe sizes. WOW the Holy Spirit worked fast because it didnt take long for the children to find us with just the right size feet!

The blessings began flowing as the children entered the mission’s compound and we began the foot washing ceremony with each of them. To pray with each child as we washed their feet and fitted their shoes. God is so good, His mercies endure forever. I have never experienced anything like this before. Such joy! I know God has heard ever word sent up to heaven. The need is so great, as men we cannot ever have the capacity to fill it, but with Jesus all things are possible.

Haiti July 2012

Our team arrived on Saturday to spend a week with our brothers and sisters here in Caracol Haiti. Our trip has bèen busy with worship and catchingbup on CHE activities since our February visit. The mission compound has been full of activity and the church here has made many great investments to makenour stay more comfortable. We are so blessed by these HAitian people and their love for our Lord. We have a busy day today distributing shoes from Samaritans Fee, praying and management activities for microbusinesses, and planning our latest seed project for latrenes. We have a small team of five, but we expect big things. We know we serve a big God!