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June 2014 Haiti

June 2014 Haiti

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God provides

ImageImageWe got home safely!  God has provided in many ways on this trip.  Sometimes it was a result of specific answered prayers.  Sometimes it was before we even knew what we needed.  But it all brings glory to His name, and He has increased our faith over the last few weeks.

Psalms 143:11 For the Glory of your name, O Lord, preserve my life.  Because of your faithfulness, bring me out of this distress.

From a lost (and then found) passport, to a sprained ankle that healed enough in time for the trip, we were seeing answered prayers before we even left.  Having to spend the night in Florida on the way, was a welcome rest on the way there and gave us a chance to meet several people who were from or who had been to Haiti.

On Monday, for the trip to Roche Platte, and the surprise of 300 kids, we were able to provide a small program.  Because an interpreter who can sing and entertain kids just happened to come along when he wasn’t thought to be needed.  And because a David and Goliath skit/story was ready to go from a previous mission trip prepared by a person who did it when no one else wanted to and normally isn’t teaching in kids ministry.

We had extra thread for friendship bracelets for the girls at the orphanage, and just the right coverage for leading Bible study without having to rearrange small groups when someone was sick.

And we made all our flight connections despite a late flight out of Haiti!

So no matter what came up or what task we had before us, we knew God had everything taken care of, and all we had to do was pray to focus our hearts on him.

And we had the Haitian women’s strong faith as a beautiful example!

Ten Little Blessings

As my first blog, I would like to write about what has impacted me the most on this trip. Going to the orphanage has been a true blessing. These ten girls are loving, caring, hilarious, and so beautiful inside and out. The orphanage is right over the wall of the area we are staying in. I cannot express my feelings enough on how much these ten girls have impacted my life. Just watching these girls and playing with them gives me great joy. Although I can’t remember their names, I feel like I know them. Even though we have only been with them for a short time, we love them so much. I tear up just thinking that I will have to say goodbye tomorrow morning. These girls mean so much to me. I can’t wait to come back!
By Morgan Wilson

Women’s Bible Study – First Day

This morning 26 women came to join us for Bible study. We opened with a few songs. The Haitian women sang in Creole while we sang in English – Amazing Grace sounded all the more beautiful!

We broke into three small groups and discussed three premises: God is Who He says He is; God can do what He says He can do and I am who God says I am. We also enjoyed a simple lunch. But it seemed they enjoyed the singing and our praying over them the most.

They are beautiful women, and it was a tremendous blessing to spend some time with them and to get to know a little about them and their lives. We are looking forward to meeting with them again Thursday.

By Deanna Duke


We call her Itty-Bitty  She is the youngest orphan

We call her Itty-Bitty
She is the youngest orphan

Wow, where do I even begin? So much has happened in the last few days. So much to be thankful for and to pray for.
We have visited the girls here at the orphanage every day. They are such a blessing and truly make my days so much brighter. There are 10 of them total. We made ‘friendship’ bracelets for them each and gave them to them yesterday; which they loved. They are all so sweet and love to love on you. We’ve attempted to – and I don’t say that lightly – jump rope as fast as they can. We taught them how to play duck, duck, goose. Which ended up being chicken, chicken, duck because they do not know what a goose is and chicken is easier to say quickly rather than duck! They are so much fun to be around.
Today was the last day of our Women’s’ Bible Study. Which is bittersweet. They were so happy with the lesson that we did and the time that we put into praying for them. What I’ve noticed more and more every day isn’t so much that I know we’re touching their lives, but that they’re touching ours. Their faces, their smiles, and their stories are going to stay with us forever. We taught them how to make bracelets too. With each color representing something else in our walk with The Lord.
I am constantly in awe of the things God has shown me on this trip and am thankful every day for this opportunity and the life I have been given. Haitians are strong, strong people. They amaze me with their will to survive and their thirst for The Lord and His word. Our week here has definitely been one to remember.

By Miranda Yoder

First Days In Haiti

It’s Monday afternoon and we have returned from Roche Plate and the mountain church. We went to visit Pastor Kenth and deliver letters to ten sponsored children. When the church gates opened we were greeted by around three hundred smiling, exuberant children awaiting our arrival. Surprise is an understatement. But God provided us Gandi to lead the children in some singing and Jackie came through with a skit idea, presented with interpretation from Gandi. It was a success. A highlight for all was the singing of Happy Birthday to Jackie in Creole by the three hundred plus beautiful Hatian children. God gave her this special birthday gift. How many people can say they’ve been sung to by such a large number in a language not their own?

Bugspray and sunscreen have become our best friends. We are grateful for both. Sunday included a morning and evening church service, one here at the mission, the evening one at the church by the tree in a beautiful brand new building. Although the language is different, the service follows a familiar pattern, making me feel right at home, especially when the evening service ended with the singing of “How Great Thou Art”, all verses sung loudly and with passion.
Everyday is filled with God’s miracles, gifts, protection and provision for us at every turn. We are grateful for your prayers.

By Barb

June 2014 Departure Eve

We have done all we can to be ready.  We are packed, luggage is weighed, and we started our malaria medication.  We have prayed, been prayed over and……..planned, planned, planned.

We have planned the Bible Study for the women of Caracol.  Planned the games and what crafts we can do for over 400 kids.  We have sponsor letters.  We bought food.  We prayed.

We found a lost passport (thank you, Lord!!), recovered from sickness, sprained an ankle, turned 16, had final exams, headed for camp at Purdue and buried a dear friend.  All in the last week.  We (at least I) have cried and been humbled by this appointment.  Who are we to go to Haiti?

Deanna Duke, Barb Janicki, Jacki Miller, Nancy Lee, Hannah Lee, Miranda Yoder, Elijah Yoder, Morgan Wilson and me…….that’s who!  9 people who said yes to God’s call to go— go to Haiti and show the face of Jesus.

I was in Haiti February 2013 and thinking it was “no big deal”.  My 7th trip.  Well, God never want us to be comfortable. If we are, we are usually not doing all we can to help increase His Kingdom and glorify Him.

That is how I find myself leading this team of 8 to the land of poverty and honestly, great love.  The land I have grown to love; love the people and especially the children of Caracol, Haiti.

This appointment humbles me beyond words.  Just so you know – I am the first female from TPCC to lead a team to Haiti.  I say this only because – I have said “NO” and “not yet” to God in the past.   I felt like a man needed to lead the team for safety sake or at least was using that for the excuse.   But our gracious and loving Lord equips the unequipped to do the unimaginable.  As I sit on the deck looking out at the splendor of His beauty in the back yard, I know again how amazing Our Lord is.  He goes before us, goes with us and follows us wherever He sends us.

I have stressed, worried, fretted that I was not enough.  Not enough to do this.  And honestly, I am not.  So each time Satan tells me that, I agree with him – and add but JESUS is!

So – here we go.  These blessed children of God – going to do whatever God wants us to do.  Love on the woman.  Play with the children.  Continue to build the relationships we have been so blessed with….in the name of Jesus!   Can I get an AMEN?!!