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Day 1 – Faith is Active

The September 2017 Kenya team landed at the Nairobi airport late last night after a long but uneventful trip from Indiana to Kenya. We met up with hosts from MOHI and after an adventurous bus ride and warm welcome from Gracehouse Resort the team settled into their rooms for some much needed sleep.

Today is Sunday so the team attended an inspirational church service at the MOHI Church in Bondeni. The service opened with prayer from both our team leader, Jim, and the local church minister, Pastor Stephen.  Pastor Stephen, graciously prayed for the United States and the people of Texas and Florida. Jim was then blessed to be asked to pray for Kenya. The team was overtaken by the holy spirit when surrounded by the powerful and joyful worship of the Kenyan people. Pastor Stephen taught a compassionate message today out of 1 Thessalonians 1, speaking words of encouragement to the congregation. Pastor Stephen communicated Gods words of hope and love to his people and to our team. It was observed that while the people in this area live in such extreme poverty, they find church is a refuge and Jesus as their hope.

After church the team was able to enjoy a beautiful lunch outside at the Gracehouse, reflected on the beauty of Kenya and how today was the perfect way to begin the trip. In preparation for the week’s journey, the group discussed the day’s blessings and prepared the donated items to be dispersed and used when the team gets to interact with the people of the Mathare Valley.