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Nicaragua – August 2014 – Day 3

Our day started off on the porch as usual.  David Cupp gave us a fabulous devotional!  We spent most of the day at the new Clinic! We got a tour of the facility by Dr. Karla herself and this was so informative. We had the pleasure and great blessing of sharing a meal with the staff. We spent about 2 hours just in conversation learning about the staff, and the goals, hopes and dreams they all have for the clinic.  We also discussed the projects and needs for the clinic. This is truly an amazing team of people. All of them Christians and felt totally called by God to be there. Too many exciting things to share on one blog!

In the afternoon the ladies prepared for the following day.  Rod, Mark, David and Paul are busy this evening doing the  mens BILD program with several pastors and Elders at Pastor Wilbur’s church.

Nicaragua Clinic Staff

From left to right (Back)t:
Patricia-assistant to Dr Karla, Maria-Pediatrician, Dr. Karla, Marta-Nurse -Coordinator, Jamil-Assistant-Front Desk,

From left to right (Front):  Jordy-Pharmacy, Jakeline-Physical Therapist

Nicaragua – August 2014 – Day 2

Sunday morning started with a great time of devotions on the famous porch at La Quinta.  We opened with a time of worship through songs. Followed by a devotion by Mark Thompson. We were challenged to look for the blessings that God wanted us to notice in the day. Mark shared a great story about God giving us full envelopes of blessings, and our job was to be sure our envelopes were empty. This would mean we noticed all the blessings and were thankful for them all, big and small.

These trips to Nicaragua, as with many mission trips, can be very busy. Our time is limited and we want to accomplish so much in the name of Jesus. However we can become consumed with physical tasks that many times we miss the  blessings God has for us.

We attended service at Pastor Wilbur’s church at 10 a.m. and Rod Duncan shared the journey of Barbara passing into the heavenly gates to be with Jesus.  Many tears were shed, but much healing was being done too. Our Nicaraguan friends needed to process, and mourn the loss of their dear friend and sister in Christ. It was a very moving time, and Rod was amazing!

David Cupp gave an amazing teaching on Faith! The eyes and ears of our Nicaraguan brothers and sisters were very attentive!

Ana devoted herself to teaching the young children about the 10 commandments, with her faithful assistant Carlene. The kids were excited to learn about this part of the bible.

Madison took on the challenge of working with the very young!

The entire team was fully engulfed in connecting and continuing the building of relationships! It was a great way to start the morning!

The afternoon was filled with another church service at Pastor Belcers. Theresa Thompson gave the teaching there which was on The Great Commission-followed by (Eph. 6:10-18) a teaching on putting on the armor of God everyday! We actually dressed a gentlemen from the church in a suit of armor as we mentioned each part, such as the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, the shield of faith, the shoes of peace, and so on…..the day ended again as it had begun, on the porch. We shared all the blessings we saw, and they were too numerous to count. It was a great day serving the Lord!

Nicaragua Picture 3


Nicaragua Picture 1

Nicaragua Picture 2


Nicaragua – August 2014 – Day 1


The team, which includes, Rod Duncan, David Cupp, Mark, Theresa, and Madison Thompson, Carlene and Paul Strawmeyer, and Ana Carlsgaard, arrived in Nicaragua Saturday August 2nd. First thing on the agenda was to celebrate Rod Duncans birthday with special guests! Pastor Wilbur, his wife Maritsa, and their 2 boys, Christian and Marcos. This was a bitter/sweet time as we celebrated with Rod, but we also mourned the lost of our dear friend and sister Barbara Duncan with the pastor and his family.  They were very close to Barbara and being with Rod for the evening was a healing time for us all.