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Nov 2011 Day 6 – Humbled

Today we were able to visit the second school Joshua 1:8.   The team enjoyed making crafts and participating in games.  We visited with the families and gave them care packages.  In the evening we visit 10 homes of the special needs families and brought them food and household items.  Jenny, Linda, and Mickey were able to spend time with their sponsored child’s family.   Our team ran into a challenge when the van got stuck from the very muddy road.  The bus pulled out the van but not before Aaron took a header in the mud.  Though all of this would have made excellent theater of missionary work in action, Aaron and Tony are big guys so we thought better of taking pictures.  The families we visit had joy even through difficult times; it was very evident in the faith and love for Christ.  We were blessed to be able to pray over their families.   Tomorrow we take an early flight back to Indy, but I am sure a piece of our hearts will be left with our new friends in Nicaragua.  An unforgettable trip!!

An Interview With Mickey About Her Visit with Raul

Mom: Whose house did you go to today?

Mickey Joy: Raul, my little Nica brother.

Mom: What did his house look like?

MJ: It’s really different from my house because they have paper thin walls to separate the bedrooms. They also have dirt floors. They have pets in their house – el perro (dog) and pollo (chickens) inside.

Mom: Did you give gifts to Raul and his family?

MJ: I gave Raul’s aunt a picture of my mom and Raul when they saw each other in June. We gave Raul a backpack of Cars goodies. He liked the white board the best.

Mom: What did you do with Raul and friends while we were waiting for the bus?

MJ: We played futbal (American soccer) in the front yard. We had races.

Mom: What will you remember about going to Raul’s house?

MJ: I will remember him looking at me and blowing me kisses when the bus pulled away.

Nov 2011 Day 5 – School Visit

We  spent the day at Rey Salomon school.  the kids made crafts with the students and played games.  While we were there we had the opportunity to distribute the personal care packages, along with Barbie Dolls/Hot Wheel Cars, bracelets, and pictures for the special need families.   The students gave each of us a special craft which I am sure we all will treasure as a memory.  The students also run a bakery and our kids had the opportunity to participate in backing cake.   They mix everything by hand!   So eating the cake felt a bit like being on fear factor- just kidding , it was delicious.

We ended the evening purchasing food items to be distributed to 10 families in real need.  I’ve been told tomorrow will be real heart breaking in visiting the homes.  But we all look forward to serving the Lord!

Nov 2011 Day 4 – Talent Show

Our day started with a talent show at the beautiful facility Viva la Esperanza.  It was truly a celebration of the many gifts from God.  There were lots of dancing, singing and acting.  The team was impressed by how detailed the props and costumes were made and the time the teachers gave in making this an enjoyable experience for all.  A speaker summed it best by saying the children lived out the scripture verse Ephesians 2:10 For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.    Mickey looked pretty in her Spanish attire as she danced with a Nicaraguan friend, and then later followed with a sterling dance routine with Levi.  Alec was awesome again with his singing.  Peter did a nice duet with our friend Aaron, and Melissa, Dora, Aaron, and Alec joined for a group song.  We closed our part of the talent show with a group dance.  It was very cool that our interpreters, Tony and Aaron, our driver Henry, and even Pastor Oscar joined us!  The kids from the two schools were awesome as well.  It was truly a celebration of God’s Greatness!  Jill received a beautiful plaque and a painting from a student for her dedication to the school.  A well-deserved honor for a special person with an Agape heart for the special needs.!

Later we invited friends from the school to buddy with our kids at a movie outing.  We went to see Dolphins Tails.  Surprising we understood most of the movie even though it was in Spanish.  One thing that does translate well is popcorn and soda at the movie!   We then capped the evening with some tasty ice cream.  Later we played Apples to Apples game and had plenty of laughter.  Tony came out the winner!  PS. Nice thing about being the blogger, you get to brag!!

Nov 2011 Day 3 Sunday School Service

Light and Darkness

We enjoyed going to a Sunday school service today with the kids of Josue 1:9 Church of Los Brasiles, Nicaragua.  There were only a few kids when we first arrived, so the youth pastor sent the kids back out into the community to gather more kids and by the end of service we had more than 100 kids there.  They taught us dances to songs that our kids sing in their Sunday school classes at home. Only these were in Spanish, of course.  After praise and worship and a lot of dancing (and sweating), we broke up into three large groups where our leaders taught about darkness and light from Matthew 6:22-24.  Here they talk about “the eye is the lamp of the body.  If your eyes are good, your whole body will be full of light.  But if your eyes are bad your whole body will be full of darkness…”.  The kids had to give examples of darkness and of light in the world and then they role played with one child representing darkness and the other trying to bring light to the darkness with his words and actions.  We were all humbled at the conclusion of the class when they asked all of us from the U.S. to gather in the middle of the large circle and they prayed for light to come to the U.S.  Amazing!  We were being prayed for by the people of Nicaragua, the very people we came to serve were ministering to us through prayer.  On the bus ride home one of the kids said, “That was the best service ever!”

Nov 2011 Favorite Part Day 1

Favorite parts of Day one

Justin – people were nice; kids were friendly

Mickey – teaching the kids to dance

Alec – meeting our sponsor kid

Levi – playing with the kids

Peter – shaking hands with the people and playing with Pastor Wilbur’s baby

Melissa – helping the kids fill personal care kits; the service at Wilbur’s and visiting with people after the service, and seeing Alec lead worship

Tony – service at Wilbur’s

Linda – service at Wilbur’s

Lisa – meeting our sponsor child and hearing her sing to their family

Jill – seeing Wilbur relaxed and interacting with our team more

Jenny – hearing stories about Raul, her sponsor child; seeing Nicaragua through her daughter’s eyes.

November trip Day 2 Play Day!

Melissa started our day with a  chapter from a travel devotional Experience.   It was a chapter titled All for the Glory.  What a fitting reminder to give our best on this mission trip.

Today was our play date.  Team has been working hard to prepare for the next weeks mission opportunities, so today was nice just to relax.   We started the day going to Masaya to visit a national park.  There we climbed 125 steps to the brim of  a volcano.    It was awesome to get pictures of the entire team standing at the foot of a Cross. Yes, even our energetic Grandma on trip, Mrs. Linda climbed all those steps!   Its amazing seeing the rock formations of God’s nature creation.  Later that day, we  went to Mercado Viejo open market.  Thanks to our translator friends, including our very own Dora we were able the bargain some great deals.

A fun laughter was one of our team members had a little problem distinguishing  the men and ladies signs at the restroom.  Needless to say Melissa got a back side view that she is still  having trouble erasing.

November trip Day 1 Visit Pastor Wilbur

Our day started with the Hurtubise family delivering sponsor gifts to the kids at Belser TAV School.  It was special that they got to visit their own sponsored child.  Alec and their sponsored child shared songs in their native languages.  The team assembled care packages that will be delivered early next week.  We appreciate all the items that were gathered to support this mission!  Later in day we visit Sandino City that is Pastor Wilbur church.  It was a church which TPCC sponsored. It was moving to see the how Christ is working in their lives.

Since the services was in spanish we understood little, but we could tell by the joy in their voices that this was a place of God.  The team was invited to participate in the service.  Two of the kids Mickey and Peter did an awesome dance routine.   Alec lead the church in a worship song in Spanish!  All our kids and parents concluded the service with a dance routine, and then proceeded to interact with the people at the service.  Seeing Levi, Justin, Alec, Peter and Mickey interact with the other children was priceless!

Fun team laughter, the Reid’s over slept for the evening siesta, and was greet with a standing ovation from a  packed bus.  Yes I was quiet embarrassed and wondered why it took the team 30 minutes to realize we missing!  Later all was forgotten about that embarrassed when one of our dancers Lisa stepped on her skit and “mooned” the Pastor that was on stage.

November trip – Travel Day

We left Indy airport with 27 bags check on.  Thanks to Jenny’s husband Michael for coordinating the effort!  We arrived in Nicaragua with 26 bags from check in.  Jenny’s bag was missing for a day.  Praise God for the safe travel.  The  kids handled the trip really well.  We completed the day with a devotional from Jesus Calling book.

Fun team laughter.  Tony was walking backward on the people mover, talking to Jill.  Suddenly the track ended and he nearly took a tumble.  Talk about watching a teammates back.  She claimed to not notice the big sign, “Watch Your Step”.

Catching Up

We are a few days into our journey.  I learn the difficulties of adapting.  I thought blogging would be as simple as going to the local coffee house  and write away.  I found WiFi to be  difficult to find!.  But now we are finally plugged in and ready to share our journey.