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Day 2 and Day 3 – Feed My Sheep

Monday morning the group traveled to Pangani where Missions of Hope International (MOHI) is located. After hearing about the MOHI history the group along with the MOHI social workers was able to walk around the neighborhood and make a few home visits. Once returning to MOHI we toured their vast complex and learned about the programs that are available to the students and community members; including the school and resource center, a laboratory for disease testing, dentist office, doctors office, and pharmacy. The services at the dentist’s and doctor’s offices are offered to the students at no cost and to the entire community for a nominal fee.

“Today we walked in the slums of the Mathare Valley. We made a house visit. The home was a small one room, tin shack with the entry way covered with a blanket for privacy.  In this small hone lived a mother with her 7 children. Lord, help me to never complain again.” – Pam

“Thank God for the vision and mission of Missions of Hope in the Mathare Valley. I love little children and today witnessed how MOHI is bringing hope to the children of the Mathare slums. In spite of their circumstances they were happy and excited to get their pictures taken and to entertain us with songs” – Ruth

“During our home visit, it was surprising to me how worried Grace was to have everything in order. We weren’t allowed in until everything was put in order and she cleaned. Even with the little she had, she was very proud of it.” – Sara

“I never feel more loved by those who are not my family than when I’m with my Kenyan “family”. They are so joyful and have so much love to give and they give it freely and beautifully.” – Jennifer

“Today was an incredible day. As we walked the neighborhood in Mathare Valley, I was amazed at the changes that have occurred since I was here in 2009. The streets are cleaner and the piles of trash are fewer than I remember. I felt encouraged that the work of Missions of Hope and supporting churches is making a difference for lots of people. The one thing that wasn’t different was the happy faces of all the little kids.” – Donna

“The longer I’m here the more I’m starting to find that these beautiful people have far more to teach me than I could ever teach them. Our lives aren’t about the material things we have but about the freedom we have in Christ.”- Chloe

It was a blessing to be able to spend time with some of the kids today. I was in a second grade classroom that sang us a song that I recognized- it is one that we also sing in the TPCC kids ministry wiggle worship. I was able to sing and dance along with the kids and felt so connected through that.” – Jessica

“My last time in Nairobi was 2015. Since 2015 so many ideas have been implemented: a new skills center (trade school); a welding training for men; more schools opened outside of Nairobi, etc. There are now 20 schools educating 15,000 students. Above all , the bible is being translated into a new language.” – Tamie

Tuesday was the first day the group worked at the Bondeni School in the Mathare Valley. After taking a tour of the new Bondeni School building, many members of the team went on a prayer walk in the neighborhood with the MOHI social workers. The group walked through the entire neighborhood, which hasn’t been done before by any mission group, because of violence and cleanliness. The group prayed with parents of some of the students about issues of the community including; violence, alcohol abuse, unemployment, domestic violence, and business prosperity.

While the majority of the team was on a prayer walk, Jennifer and Jessica were able to make home visits and provide therapy for disabled young adults and show them the love of Christ.

After lunch, many members of the team met with the Bondeni children they sponsor. Some team members began to sponsor children long before they first visited Kenya. The sponsor money ensures the child will be able to attend a MOHI school, receive 2 meals a day, and learn the love of Christ. Greater than 75% of the children rely on sponsorship money to be able to attend a MOHI school.

Before the group left the Bondeni School for the day we were able to go back into the community and do home visits again with the MOHI social workers. The purpose of the home visits was to tell identified people about the good news of Jesus Christ. The two groups, were able to visit 5 homes and bring 3 people to Christ.


The Dignity of Causality – IJM GPG 2015

“God instituted prayer in order to lend His creatures the dignity of causality.” – Pascal

This blog entry summarizes TPCC’s recent trip to Washington, D.C. to attend the International Justice Mission’s Global Prayer Gathering.  Traders Point was excited to send nine (9) individuals to this national event.  You might ask, what is a global prayer gathering?  In fact, it is truly just that – a gathering of people to pray from all over the world.  As pointed out during the keynote address, God gives us the “dignity of causality” through prayer.  Big words that essentially mean God invites us to be a part of His work in the world through prayer.  We hope that this summary of their experience encourages you to pray daily for justice in all areas of our broken world.

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Panama Feb. 2014 – Day 7

Leaving temperatures of upper 80’s and arriving at Houston’s airport we begin to hear of single digit temperature in Indy! We hope our work glorified God. Please consider joining us in February 2015.

Panama Feb. 2014 – Day 6

We said goodbye to our hosts Alan and Debbie and traveled to David to fly to Panama City. We enjoyed a tour of the Panama Canal (celebrating the 100th anniversary), and several other interesting points of interest. We spent the night in Panama City and will begin the trip home tomorrow.

Panama Feb. 2014 – Day 5

We wrapped up the concrete work and painting. A few members rode to the Comarca (Panamanian version of an Indian reservation) to visit the Ngobe people and to see firsthand their harsh living conditions. It was another reminder of how blessed we are. In the afternoon, we headed to downtown Boquete for sightseeing and shopping. Team leader Rick had an unexpected encounter with a scorpion, the bite was like a bee sting, but all was well (non-poisonous)!

Panama Feb. 2014 – Day 4

This was a busy work filled day of painting playground equipment, painting the outside of the class room building, more concrete work, and working on installing a septic system. A few sunburns were noticed! After a delicious supper, we played a mystery game facilitated by our hosts Alan and Debbie. We returned to the dormitory and slept well knowing we are making a difference.

Panama Feb. 2014 – Day 3

Several team members rode the buses up the mountainside to pick up the Guaymi people for church services. After church services, the medical clinic was open for patients. We also helped pass out school supplies. We are being well fed, and our team is building camaraderie!