Day 4

The Monterrey team was extremely excited to begin our 4th day of work and play at Douglas.
We started off the morning with another Trauma Competent Care with Sammy, which allows all of us to learn about some of the science behind certain things we observe in the home. Then we headed to Douglas to begin another day of fun with Concrete making! The technical men again worked on the wall that they had previously moved and were able to dry-wall it today. They said it was both awkward when the girls came home to see them in their home, but also exciting once the girls realized that these strange men were actually going to allow them to have all their kitchen appliances in one place. The concrete team continued their fervor from the first day, but this time carried the heavy concrete all the way down a hill and through an alleyway and up a ramp. The concrete team would like to extend a huge thank-you to the engineering skills of young Zach. He fashioned a wonderful ramp for all the hard workers to wheel their concrete up! It would have been way more difficult without his careful crafting! We had some spills, some falls, some trips and some injuries, but we ended up finishing and definitely impressing Irving our work team leader.

The second half of the day was the absolute favorite of many. We got to take all of our wonderful kids to the…ZOO!
While Sammy set our expectations low, we each were paired up with two Mexican children and took on a scavenger hunt at the zoo and had an amazing time! Some of us were even able to learn new spanish words for animals. Except for Nate, who recalled confidently at our debrief, “My team saw the ‘Pavo Real’ which I don’t know if you all know, but thats Flamingo!” We all had to laugh, because “Pavo Real” is actually spanish for Peacock. We all had a great laugh out of it. Now, to top it all off, we got to eat some delicious chicken at “El Pollo Loco!” In my opinion, this was my favorite meal here so far, although not very good for you. We all had such an amazing time in our teams that allowed us a more intimate setting to get to know the children from Douglas.

Picture of the Day: Julie
Julie shared with us how awesome it was to see all the young kids on shovel duty. Since we had to haul all the concrete down a huge hill, most of the adults were on wheel-barrow duty, and so the kids were tasked with shoveling all the sand into the machine- no easy feat. Julie described how proud she was to see how they worked so hard and were able to get the job done efficiently, without complaining.
**Since it was such an eventful day, we will do two pictures of the day.

Picture of the Day: Kate
Kate shared how awesome it was to see the kids getting comfortable with us volunteers. She explained a sweet instance, where one of the boys from Douglas was so tired from playing that he snuggled up and fell asleep on Nate’s lap on the bus.

It is these proud and sweet moments in which we see God teaching and revealing more to us. The picture of the day reminds us to be present throughout the day, open to experiencing God at work in any moment. We all feel the change stirring within our own hearts and hope to continue to individually fully take part in this process.

Goodnight and blessings from the Monterrey Team.

Day 3

Our third day was my personal favorite thus far. We began our day by heading to Douglas and were split into 2 teams. The first team of our more technical guys went up to a room and actually moved a wall to make more room for these young girls’ kitchen. Then the second team was blessed with the task of pouring concrete. We were shoveling sand, pouring water, and adding cement into a huge (and loud) machine, to produce concrete that would help make a walkway and small patio near the boys dorm. Everyone worked extremely hard. We had shovelers, wheel-barrow movers, water pourers and cement handlers. It was awesome to see everyone contribute to one unified product. We were all very proud to see a smooth patio and walkaway at the end of the day. Some of my favorite observations were seeing young kids like Trey working extremely hard and getting almost covered in cement. Also Carlie, or as we like to call her: Wonderwoman, getting cement ALL in her hair and yet continuing to work even harder.

After a grueling day of work, we enjoyed a mole sauce with chicken with the kids and began our time of play. We again played soccer in the fields in between the mountains and TONS of uno of course! We grilled out hamburgers later and bonded with the kids over some of the food we really enjoy.

Picture of the day:
Suzanne: Suzanne shared with us how she was able to bond with Carime. She shared this moment where Carime reached up with her arms for Suzanne to hug her and how this melted her heart. Suzanne has a shared a desire to either be a mother to many children or even eventually adopt a child. She is opening her heart to what God may show her while she is here, that relates to his future plan for her.

A verse we all were able to meditate and focus on today was:
“If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.” Romans 12:18
Goodnight and blessings from the Traders Point Monterrey Team

TPCC Monterrey 2017: Day 1 and 2

The TPCC Monterrey, Mexico team had a little bit of trouble getting the internet to work, so we are going to recap day 1 and 2.
-Day 1-
The team arrived in Mexico and got settled into our new home for the week, the Back2back campus. We were given a tour of the beautiful campus and also got to meet some of the amazing families in the Hope Program. Sammy, our guide and leader for the week, gave us an overview of the week and some things we may encounter as we visit the sites. She helped us all understand the importance of “Indiscriminate Friendliness” and being able to set a good example for these children on how to interact with strangers. Later, the families in the Hope program showed us some wonderful hospitality and allowed each family from the Monterrey team to eat with them at a picnic table and get to know them. We all bonded over some yummy hotdogs and other cook-out food.
After our tummies were full, the sun began to set over the mountains and the cool air set in. Some of the kids continued to play with the Back2back staff kids and soon we all headed to bed after a long, but amazing first day.
-Day 2-
We all awoke again to a beautiful mountain scene and were eager to began our first day at “Casa Hogar Douglas.” As we arrived, we were given a tour by Sammy of the whole campus and the way of life for these beautiful children. Then we began our first work project. Half of the team (the stronger half in my opinion), worked on moving a huge load of sand to another location on the campus, so that the following day we could pour concrete to create a new walkway. Meanwhile, the other half of the team moved a ginormous load of wood from the bottom of the campus all the way up a hill to organize in a shed. After our legs and arms were sore, we waited for the kids to come back from visiting some family members (this day was the Mexican Revolution Holiday.) As soon as the children trickled in, each member of the Monterrey team jumped in! Reese and Myah befriended a young girl they call “Jujah” and played on the slide for hours. Ethan was able to see a friend he made last year named Kenan! He was so excited to reconnect and see him again. Many of the kids and adults who were a little nervous about the language barrier, were able to jump in and have so much fun nevertheless. Unsurprisingly, countless soccer games were played. Even those who were not big on soccer jumped in and enjoyed relaxing with the game after a long day of work. One of our favorite parts of the day, was getting to play in this huge field behind Douglas right in between the mountains, not only was the scene beautiful, but we were able to see everyone get involved and have fun.
Dinner was served by two chefs that cook for Douglas, called “Discola” which was huge mix of meat and vegetables. We all enjoyed our very first day at Douglas even with our bumps and bruises. Sammy helped us debrief our very first full day in Monterrey and began our night recap tradition of the “Picture of the Day.” I will share someones picture of the day each day on here to help show our collective experience. (The picture of the day is each individual’s favorite moment of the day in a “snapshot.”)
Day 2: Picture of the Day: Carlie’s picture of the day was seeing her young 8 year old daughter, Anna, play on the swings with a young girl from Douglas. Her Dad, Shane, also said his picture of the day was this moment, because at one point he saw Anna comforting the young girl when she was crying. It was a great reminder to all of us that despite a language barrier, we can show the love of Jesus to each and every child here just with simple acts of kindness. Anna was a great example for us all on Day 2.
We are so excited for Day 3 to see what God continues to teach us.

Hello Indy!

IMG_0154.JPGWe made it home!

We are grateful. We are changed. #wearetpcc

Tattoos for Jesus

Who goes on a mission trip and gets a tattoo? Seriously.


Cindy and Jen got small (yes DAD… small!)  crosses on their wrists and Tyler got  a cool  HE > i  tatoo.   This could be a first Traders Point.


#VegasStrong (round 2)

There are no words for the emotions people are feeling for the victims and their families of this terrible tragedy.  Memorials were popping up in a few different places, but one of the most impactful memorials was when the carpenter from Illinois, Greg Zanis, drove across the country to put out 58 crosses to honor those killed in the shooting.   (He also did this for the Orlando nightclub shooting, Columbine and Sandy Hook school shootings).

As the weekend went on, these crosses were adorned with flowers (almost as tall as the top of the cross itself) candles, signs, messages, photos, and personal mementos to each individual. There was a steady line for hours and hours as people came to pay their respects.

Our team wanted to see the crosses.  We had no idea it would turn into such an emotional evening. You see, all weekend, we had been watching Jeff McClintic (an amazing man of God on the trip with us) just walk right up to people and engage them.  He would talk with them, pray with them, and just love on them….The security officer at Wal-Mart, a gal at McDonalds and her atheist son in the car, 2 people fighting outside a tattoo shop, and a man at one of the memorials… just to name a few. Oh and by the way, he actually got Kim, the lady from McDonalds to attend Verve AND her son was also willing to talk to Jeff.  WHAT?!?!!   Jeff inspired us all.  While at the crosses, several of us had the opportunity to talk and pray with prople. It was truly transformational.  There was a small tent with a group of people signing praise songs.   The entire experience was emotional and moving.  Thank you Jeff for your boldness for Jesus.  Thank you.



Our very own Aaron Hoover  made a sign that said Need a hug? Me too.  At one point he had line waiting for hugs.  People are searching for hope and healing.

He was a great leader for the entire trip and showed so much compassion for those hurting in Las Vegas. Aaron Hoover is the real deal…. following after the Real Deal.


Viva la Verve

VERVE means passionate vigor and enthusiasm.  This is the perfect name for this church.  They live it.  They love it.  They well, Verve.  The stories and lives we encountered were transformed by our Almighty God.  Verve is seeking the unchurched and changing lives everyday.

Sunday morning our team got to serve alongside Verve members for all of the services.  We were able to assist the volunteers with coffee, kids ministry, volunteer breakfast, communion, and cleaning the church afterward.  It was such a blessing to serve in this way.

This particular Sunday, Verve began a new series called Vegas Strong which wrestles with the idea of faith and searches for hope in the midst of tragedy.  Vince’s sermon was spot on.  Some questions he thought people might be wrestling with:

  • How can you have faith in a world like this?
  • Where is God?
  • How can we have hope?

The Lord is our refuge and strength, and ever- present help in trouble.  Therefore we will not fear.   Psalm 46: 1-2

We need to trust God.  We need to develop an accurate picture of who He is when we have a clear head.  (John 14: 7-10)   If you get to know Jesus— really know Him— you will know that He is powerful, inspirational, a forgiver, healer, compassionate, and he is so madly in love with us.  And if God is like that, then I can trust him.  And you can trust Him too.  Even in the midst of tough times when things don’t make sense.

Vince and the worship team were so encouraging to the congregation, and our prayer is that many of the first timers will return for the remainder of the series and that their hearts felt something that will make them want to return again and again to pursue Jesus.   Right now it might feel Las Vegas is stuck on “Friday…” but you hang on… because SUNDAY IS COMING!!!

Verve is loving God and loving people… and turning Las Vegas upside down.   #VerveStrong