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Jamaica – Two Houses Complete, Dedicated, and More!

Sorry for the lack of a regular update last night.  It was another busy day for us and a really exciting one.  Let’s see if we can’t get you all up to speed.Yesterday we got to see the fruits of our labor as we dedicated 2 houses. The first stop was Leroy’s house to finish up the doors and the stairs. The team all worked together to get these 2 tasks accomplished in good time. One aspect of Leroy’s house we really enjoyed was the group of children that greeted us excitedly both days we were there. The look on their faces when we arrived was priceless. Some of us were able to color and play games with them again which we all loved. It was very difficult to say goodbye to our new little friends when we were done for the day. For our dedication ceremony we had different members of the team read scripture, present Leroy with a Bible, give him the keys to his new home, sing Amazing Grace and close in prayer. It was truly beautiful. Leroy said a few words at the end to express his thanks and appreciation for providing him with a house. It was awesome to give Leroy a house, but at the same time it was hard to understand that he really didn’t have anything to put into his house.

LeRoy's House Dedication

The entire group, along with some neighborhood kids, dedicating LeRoy’s house

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A Farewell Celebration

Today was an awesome day in Bondeni, even though we had to say goodbye to our new friends.  After presenting the uniforms yesterday, we were also privileged to present the entire soccer team with brand new soccer cleats, balls and practice uniforms.  Brittany shared with the team an awesome story on how the money for the soccer cleats was provided.

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